Writing consumes a substantial amount of my time, and as a retired architect who had a fast-pace and hectic schedule, I need to stay busy or go insane. I started writing fiction (a novel and short stories) in the sixties during free time while I served in the army… getting drunk everyday did not appeal to me. Architecture and fiction writing both requires creativity, and it comes naturally for me. Historic fiction requires creativity closer in kind to architecture creativity than does other genres. In successful architecture all creativity must take a backseat to project requirements such as fulfilling a client’s functional requirements, the laws of physics, budgets, codes and the like… clients still expected creativity. Historic fiction is similar… there is no clean slate. Historic facts, places and figures create a structure a writer’s creativity is bound by. I don’t have to create the historic events, but the fiction has to realistically mesh with them.

After years of living in Ohio followed by the Philadelphia and the Baltimore areas, I retired to South Carolina with my wife, Soi. Fortunately my new home in the county of McCormick is home to over a dozen accomplished authors… each were willing to form an authors’ group providing support and advice to the others… helping to make each of us better writers.

Happy reading,


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