Recommended Reads

As an author, I am also a reader, and this is the location I provide my insight of other authors’ work of which I recommend.  This forum concentrates on excellent  Authors (many indie)and does not provide reviews for any works I consider sub-par.  Each work I post reviews for are either excellent or exceptional reads.  A word of caution: I am not limiting the genre, and some of the books may be offensive to some readers… in my reviews I provide appropriate warnings.  Look here often as this list, and my reviews, will be expanded.  As an item of note: I also place my reviews for published works on the Amazon site.  Currently reviews are provided (below) for the following works:

  • THE SAFEGUARD: A NOVEL OF GEORGIA IN 1864 by Diana Wilder, Historical Novel (crossing into romance)
  • OATH BREAKER by Erin Riley, Historical Romance
  • WITH THE HEADMASTER’S APPROVAL by Jan Hurst-Nicholson, British Chick Lit
  • OPERATION NEUROSURGEON by Barbara Ebel, Literary Fiction
  • WHISPERED DREAMS by M.A. Appleby, Mystery
  • A Flame Put Out by Erin Riley, Historical Romance
  • The Ancient Whisper by M.A. Appleby, Mystery
  • Irving Titans by Jeff Dawson, Sleazy Satirical Novel
  • Dear Mom: a Sniper’s Vietnam by Joseph T. Ward, Military Autobiography
  • Price for a Patriot by F. Denis King, Suspense Thriller
  • When the Perfect Comes (The Deverell Series Book 1) by Susan Ward. Historical Romance Thriller
  • The Chaplain’s Cross by Ed Devos, Inspirational Historic Novel
  • Light Casualties: A Private War – Vietnam 1968 by J.C. Willis, cross between autobiography and novel
  • How to Dance on the Moon by Laura Ginter, Whimsical Suspense Thriller
  • Girl on the Half Shell by Susan Ward, Romance Novel
  • The Quest for Juice by Jonathan-David Jackson, Paranoia Novel
  • Something Taken by Jerrie Brock, Urban Fiction/Crime Fiction Novel
  • Odin’s Shadow by Erin S. Riley, Historical Romance Novel that crosses genres
  • Mother be the Judge by Sally O’Brien, Psychological Thriller Novel
  • Determined – the True Story of Big Blue Walkinghood by Luman C. Slade, Novel for Young Readers
  • Come on Home Children by Victoria Randall, Dystopian Thriller Novel
  • The Stain (Crisis in Conscience) by Ed DeVos, Inspirational Historical Novel
  • The Guppy and the Shark by J, Romance Novel



Exceptional, Interesting and an Easy Read:

Many a man helped ignite the American Revolution. Sam and John Adams, John Hancock, John Lamb, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin… all were among the major players, but based on my own research, Doctor Joseph Warren was the prime mover providing the inspiration bringing the war to fruition. I obtained a copy of FOUNDING MARTYR to further my research for the writing of the second of a multi saga set of historical novels of the events leading to the founding of the United States. Research already completed identified the importance of Dr. Warren, but I was in need of additional information. Writing historical novels requires giving voice to the players in as accurate a fashion as possible. Many of the patriots’ character and voice can be determined from thousands of pages of documents (letters, diaries, broadsides) these men wrote. For Doctor Warren I have found few, and this book by Christian Di Spigna has provided me the insight I desired. As a plus the book is well written and a very enjoyable read.


THE SAFEGUARD: A NOVEL OF GEORGIA IN 1864 by Diana Wilder, Historical Novel (crossing into romance), 457 pages, ISBN: 978-0692548349

An Exceptional Slice of History:

For readers who enjoy exceptional historic fiction, Civil War fiction or romantic fiction, THE SAFEGUARD: A NOVEL OF GEORGIA IN 1864 is one novel I recommend as a must read.

When Union troops crossed through Northwest Georgia during Sherman’s march on Atlanta, the mistress of a plantation showed compassion for all wounded soldiers, and opened her home as a hospital where she took it upon herself to care for these men. So impressed by her actions, the Union commander avoided foraging of her plantation and the adjacent town. As the Union forces continued their march to Atlanta, the General left a Safeguard, a wounded Union soldier, to protect the plantation (the mistress and hospitalized soldiers) and the town. Once Union forces vacated, bands of outcasts pillaged, raped and murdered in the communities left unprotected behind Union lines. The Union Safeguard became entangled providing protection against overwhelming odds to a community sympathetic to the Confederacy but concerned for their safety.

The storytelling by the author is fantastic. All characters are well developed, and this reader quickly developed empathy for them…. Even actions of the antagonists found my understanding and sympathy. I found this story a better portrayal of this time in history than GONE WITH THE WIND.

Disclaimer: I have communicated with the author, Diana Wilder, for about two years on authors’ threads. I finally decided to place her novel on my reading list. I am very happy I did. Now that I’ve read this work, she has become one of my all-time favorite authors.


OATH BREAKER by Erin Riley, Historical Romance, 265 pages


When I reviewed the first book of this trilogy, I stated in my review, “As an author myself, I have read a substantial number of novels of many genres for over the last half century, and ODIN’S SHADOW definitely resonates as one of the best.” I wondered if the Author, Erin Riley, would be able to maintain the same quality for the two sequels. Now that I have read both of the sequels, the only problem I have with them is that I will not be able to enjoy a continuation of the story.

Ms. Riley has become one of my favorite authors. He story telling is fantastic. Her character development is superb revealing emotions allowing the reader to easily understand each character’s actions… even the antagonists. Descriptions of the settings are developed quite well without creating many paragraphs taking away from the flow of the story. Although the listed genre is historical romance, the books are quality literary fiction set in historically accurate times from hundreds of years ago. OATH BREAKER has placed the keystone on a remarkable set of books.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced review copy from the Author of OATH BREAKER. I came to know the author through writer threads on social media at the time she was looking for reviews for the first book in this series. Although I have never met her, I have found her to be a wonderful person to approach as I seek comments for my own writing. I look forward in anticipation for her next work.


WITH THE HEADMASTER’S APPROVAL by Jan Hurst-Nicholson, British Chick Lit, 197 pages, ASIN: B00HB6329C


WITH THE HEADMASTER’S APPROVAL is a story about a widowed former US Naval Officer selected as the new headmaster of a private British school for girls. It is told through the voices of women who have their own agendas affecting their viewpoint of this man. The novel is an easy read, has an interesting plot and… even for this senior citizen male reader… was an enjoyable read for what I would classify as British Chic Lit. This is an excellent work that was a quarterfinalist in an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards and was the winner of the best Chick Lit/Women’s Lit category in the 2015 eFestival of Words.

Disclaimer: As an author I have communicated with the author, Jan Hurst-Nicholson, through writer threads and email, and upon completion of reading her work, I provided her a detailed critique. I indicated her voice as an author is very good, but at a few locations in the novel it was lost with too much description of the setting as the story line was suspended for a few pages. To my surprise the author immediately rewrote these parts of the book and sent them to me. The few misgivings I had with her work were immediately eliminated. She also has updated the book on Kindle to reflect these changes. Upon reading other reader reviews on Amazon for this work, I believe the few who posted negative reviews for this work probably would not have done so had they read the book with the changes that are now incorporated.


OPERATION NEUROSURGEON by Barbara Ebel, Literary Fiction, 264 pages


First a disclaimer:  As a reader I am also an author, hence my reviews are critical, but I do not post reviews for anything read I consider less than an excellent or exceptional work.  I do not wish to saddle any author with a less than favorable review.

Upon starting my read of OPERATION NEUROSURGEON I was not sure this novel by Barbara Ebel would meet my criteria as excellent or exceptional, but it has.  The first chapter left me in a quandary.  The chapter introduced a rare autographed book purchase by a character that… at the time… appeared to not be part of what was to follow.  The book became significant as an important element, but I could not relate the importance of the first chapter until late in the novel.

As I read I wish to be able to develop empathy for characters, and it took a while for this to happen, but once it did, I was hooked.  With an excellent plot I became mesmerized as I watched physical and emotional tragedy wreak havoc on a loving family.  My emotions were kindled as I saw a highly regarded professional’s life fall apart due to bad choices made and circumstances beyond his control.  This novel portrays life and relationships that at times are wonderful and other times become a nightmare.  It shows how the human spirit can rise and fall yielding to both depression and hope.

Because this is the first book of a series, the novel ends with a cliff-hanger, yet the reader is left felling hope for the characters.  I rate OPERATION NEUROSURGEON at 4.5 stars and round it up to 5 stars.  I look forward to reading the second book in the series.


WHISPERED DREAMS by M.A. Appleby, Mystery, Barringer Publishing, 424 pages, ISBN: 978-0990820956


Following the reading of Ms. Appleby’s exceptional first book of her A WHISPER MYSTERY TRIOLOGY, I continued to be captured by Book Two, WHISPERED DREAMS. The world of suspense the author has created, coupled with a plot of intrigue and characters of which the reader will love (or for the villains… detest), reminds the reader of why they read fiction.  At least it did for me.  The twists are numerous yet believable as the reader experiences a family coping with issues requiring cunning and faith in one another.  The family is faced with questions concerning who to trust as they become embroidered with a plot to overthrow the royalty of a mid-eastern government.   Of course, as a trilogy, this novel provides a cliff hanger.  It will have the reader clamoring for the third book.  I highly recommend WHISPERED DREAMS, but I also recommend reading the first book in the trilogy first, THE ANCIENT WHISPER.


A FLAME PUT OUT by Erin Riley, Historical Romance, Soul Mate Publishing, 225 pages, ISBN: 978-1-61935-903-1


When I read the first book of the SON OF ODIN trilogy, I stated in the review it was one of the best novels I have ever read.  Upon starting a read of A FLAME PUT OUT, I was curious to discover could the second book in the series be a good as the first, ODIN’S SHADOW.  I must report it is.

Erin Riley has the ability to write in a fashion that captivates a reader and makes the reader feel the passion, tribulations and joy of characters as they are immersed in plots and conditions keeping the reader crying for more.  I definitely recommend this read… it is a continuation of one of the best novels I have ever read.  I look forward to reading the third novel of this trilogy.


The Ancient Whisper by M.A. Appleby, Mystery, 494 pages, ISBN: 978-0983974079

An Exceptional Mystery well worth reading:

I was immediately captured by the first chapter of THE ANCIENT WHISPER, and this mystery did not release me until I completed reading the Epilogue.  The author, M.A. Appleby, skillfully portrays a mother fighting to overcome a life turned upside down by world politics, criminals and a Federal bureaucracy.  Rather than accepting defeat from the hand she is dealt, this lady responds with cunning as she wages her war with Middle East royalty, Homeland Security, those who identify themselves as FBI agents and an organization of criminals.  She is allowed little time to savor the victory of each battle she wins due to additional complications that keep invading her life.

As an author of fiction my-self, my standard for an exceptionally written novel requires each of the following to be present:  The characters developed must make me empathetic with them, and the antagonists have to be believable.  The plot has to be interesting, lacking holes and provide ample surprises.  The author needs to show me the story rather than telling it to me.  As a reader I need to feel the emotions of the characters; what they see, feel, hear, taste and smell are all very important.  Ms. Appleby has surpassed my expectations, and this mystery is definitely a novel I classify as exceptional.  It is also a very enjoyable read.


Irving Titans by Jeff Dawson, Sleazy Satirical Novel, 246 pages, ISBN: 978-0983974079

Sleazy but an Excellent Read:

In his novel, IRVING TITANS, author Jeff Dawson has achieved the impossible. He has written a story holding my interest without introducing a single character I could generate empathy for. The book is a fast-pace farce structured around a NFL team rebounding from years of mediocrity, and the pages are filled with despicable characters, blackmail, sleaze and humor. The plot is solid, and the story is well written…. These two elements made it possible for me to enjoy the read. Many readers may find this work worthy of five stars, but because of the sleaze filling nearly every page (appropriate for the story Mr. Dawson tells), I am only providing a four star rating. This is definitely not a read for children or anyone offended by vulgar and sexual activity.


Dear Mom: a Sniper’s Vietnam by Joseph T. Ward, Military Autobiography, 255 pages, ISBN: 0-8041-0853-6

Item of note:  This is the first non novel I have reviewed.  I read this while doing research for my work in progress, Tarnished Valor.

A powerful autobiography that reads like a novel:

While doing research for my next novel, I came across Dear Mom: a Sniper’s Vietnam written by Joseph T. Ward. This autobiography about Mr. Ward’s experiences as a Marine sniper during the Vietnam War is an exceptionally good read. The book is told by copying the many letters he wrote to his mother as preambles to a fuller and detailed accounting of the events he experienced as a Marine both in training and in Vietnam. Although my interest in reading this book was to obtain information to help me develop parts of my work in progress (of which I did), I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I highly recommend Dear Mom: a Sniper’s Vietnam that was first published almost twenty-four years ago.


Price for a Patriot by F. Denis King, Suspense Thriller, 362 pages, ISBN: 978-1500377755

Could be a silver screen blockbuster:

Price for a Patriot is an intriguing thriller full of surprises. Author, F. Denis King, has molded a good read filled with suspense encompassing Army Special Forces, Columbia drug cartels, the Russian Mafia, the aftermath of Desert Storm in Iraq, the CIA and Department of Defense as elements for a bold caper filled with twists. An American Green Beret is abandoned by America… listed as killed in action… as America pulls out of Iraq. The abandoned soldier’s brother and past comrades at arms believe he is still alive… they plan and execute a mission to find and free him from captivity.

As an author myself, I was impressed with how well Mr. King structured a very complicated plot filled with action and intrigue. About a third of the way through this read, I envisioned how exciting this novel would be depicted on a big screen. I highly recommend the novel, and hope a quality movie producer takes the time to read this novel.


When the Perfect Comes (The Deverell Series Book 1) by Susan Ward. Historical Romance Thriller, 402 pages, ISBN:978-0692305522

A Thrilling Reading Experience:

Set during the timeframe of Britain’s preoccupation with fighting the War of 1812, a free spirited young lady of a family of class resolves she will not allow herself to be forced into an arranged marriage to someone she despises. Taking matters into her own hands, she places herself in the wrong place at the wrong time… the consequences are devastating for her. She must endure kidnapping by a band of cutthroats, whose leader, Captain Morgan resolves to break her determination to resist his advances. She constantly musters her inner strength while fighting for her freedom… while she battles her mixed emotions.

This historical romance is fast paced, well researched and an exceptional thriller filled with characters the author, Susan Ward, has developed who are easy for the reader to find empathy. I highly recommend this novel. The only warning is this is the first book in a series… we all will need to wait for the next book. I can’t wait.


The Chaplain’s Cross by Ed Devos, Inspirational Historic Novel, 204 pages, ISBN: 978-1490834122

An Exceptional Read

As an author of historical fiction myself, I maintain that excellent novels of this genre must be historically accurate, the story must flow as solid literary fiction and the characters must be emerged in a way the reader is immersed in empathy for the characters. In The Chaplain’s Cross the author, Ed DeVos, has succeeded by meeting these criteria with a very enjoyable story.

The novel is built around two distinct characters: Takeo Hiromasa, a Japanese fighter Ace who is out to avenge the death of his brother, and Chaplin Jim Russell who wishes to fly with a bomber crew on a mission… he wants to better understand the tribulations airmen face so he can better administer to their spiritual needs. Both men achieve their mission, but they meet one another through an unexpected circumstance. This meeting kindles an understanding of good between enemies in a time of war.

I highly recommend this inspirational historic novel. It is definitely worth the read.


Light Casualties: A Private War – Vietnam 1968 by J.C. Willis, cross between autobiography and a novel, on Kindle.

In 1968 young adults faced a changing culture spurred by Vietnam. The military draft resulted in a mixture of soldiers… each with beliefs and attitudes covering a full spectrum of who was right or wrong. Some soldiers were gung ho…. They believed in America’s involvement. Others were no different than many who resisted the war back in the states…. These soldiers were labeled as troublemakers, and some were pot heads thrust into the hell of war in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Willis writes, in an interesting and easy to read documentation, about his time as a pot head soldier having a tendency to “screw-up”. It documents some of the worst events of the war such as My Lia. One must remember, while reading, that many who served in Vietnam were not constantly under the influence of drugs, and for the most part, both the “screw-ups” and “gung hos” did their jobs while subject to conditions that were very unpleasant and resulted in thousands of casualties.

I highly recommend LIGHT CASUALTIES for a perspective many Vets have spoken about, but few have written about.


How to Dance on the Moon by Laura Ginter, Whimsical Suspense Thriller, 322 pages, ISBN: 978-1494249205

An excellent and fun read.

Laura Ginter’s novel, How to Dance on the Moon, is a whimsical and suspenseful thriller that this reader found quite entertaining. The main character, a seer, is reluctant to use her clairvoyance abilities to alter events… even to protect those she loves from suffering. She fears her interference could have devastating results. Following numerous unpleasant events she may have prevented, she finds it time to meddle with fate when a psychopath targets one of her family. Developed with an excellent and complex plot, I recommend this as an enjoyable and excellent read for adults (although it does not contain graphic adult content some of the story might disturb children).


Girl on the Half Shell by Susan Ward, Romance Novel, 388 pages, ISBN: 978-0615975924,

Exceptional read for those who enjoy it raw with substantial steam:

How can a senior citizen male enjoy a romance read about an eighteen year old girl? It’s easy… Girl on the Half Shell is a well written work pulling the reader into feeling the emotions of an insecure and messed up young lady who is entangled in an affair with a rock-star. Susan Ward effectively uses first person present-tense to open the “lock-boxes” of her main character’s mind. The plot is solid and holds the attention of the reader.

I typically would not finish a book containing the extent of steam encountered in this novel, but because of its importance in the character’s mindset and how well it is handled, I not only finished the novel…. I enjoyed it. The only caution… although there is an acceptable ending, there is a bit of a cliff-hanger set up for a sequel.


The Quest for Juice by Jonathan-David Jackson, Paranoia Novel, 290 pages, ISBN: 978-0615826820,

Exceptional creativity rendered through the eyes of schizophrenia… or maybe someone who is sane.

Considering myself a creative person (a novelist myself and a retired architect) I marveled from the wild and entertaining creativity contained in the pages of The Quest for Juice. Mr. Jackson weaves a plot (that could also classify the genre as fantasy) filled with humor, suspense and what one believes is the mind-set of a paranoid schizophrenia into a delightful read. As I started reading I wondered if the author was a mentally deranged individual or possibly a medical professional who has cared for them. I was not prepared for the surprise twists encountered helping to keep the pages turning.

I definitely recommend Mr. Jackson’s novel as an enjoyable read.


Something Taken by Jerrie Brock, Urban Fiction/Crime Fiction Novel, ISBN: 978-1490997711, 340 pages, http://jerriebrock.embarqsap

A Raw Accounting of Evil and Good:

A young girl in trouble sees her problems compound when she flees her home to make her place in the world. The world does not cooperate as she accepts dependency on drugs, alcohol and befriending by undesirables. Accosted by crocked cops her attempts of resistance create a number of run-ins with the law including the possibility of being arrested as a cop-killer. One officer shows compassion for her; he risks his position and good name to help this young lady. Following his strong Christian morals, he allows his duty to mankind to supplant his duty to the law.

Something Taken is a riveting story that starts strong with a powerful and uplifting climax. The reason this reader only provides a four rather than five start rating is due to a few chapters of redundancy of thought conveyed by a character that made me think about putting the book aside. To do so would have been a mistake, because pages that followed were exceptional.

I highly recommend this work, but only for adults.


Odin’s Shadow by Erin S. Riley, Historical Romance Novel,  Soul Mates Publishing.  This is a read for adults.

Sensational… a nearly perfectly written novel crossing genres… encompasses Historic Literary Fiction and Thriller in addition to Romance

As an author myself, I have read a substantial number of novels of many genres for over the last half century, and Odin’s Shadow definitely resonates as one of the best. Examples of other works meeting my “best” list include Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Time and Again by Jack Finney and The Citadel by A. J. Cronin.

Erin Riley focuses on the late ninth century and the savage and brutal invasions of Ireland by Viking raiders, and it follows these raiders back to their homeland in Norway. The raids result in enslavement of many Irish inhabitants, and for one young Irish girl a forced marriage to a War Lord. The civilizations of both Ireland and Norway of this time in the past are well researched and depicted…. As a reader my senses could feel the environment the characters experience while coping with emotional and physical conflict. The plot is well developed, but it leaves a bit of a cliff-hanger at the end…. Riley has left just enough to entice the reader to read her next book in a series, A Flame Put Out.


Mother be the Judge by Sally O’Brien, Psychological Thriller novel, ISBN: 978-1495378485, 292 pages,

Exceptionally written but disturbing character study of mentally decayed outcasts… definitely not a read for children.

British author Sally O’Brien skillfully molds a novel that will keep the pages turning. The two main characters are outcasts of society, and both struggle with the hands dealt to them in ways that make sense to them but do not conform to society norms. These characters are well crafted allowing the reader to understand and have empathy with their despicable and criminal choices and actions.

There are no plot holes in this fast-paced work that bombs the reader with pedophilia, murder and a tainted representation of motherly love. The reader must be aware that there is some graphic representation of adult and adult with child content. Much as The Catcher in the Rye shocked the reader in the decade of the forties, this reader was disturbed by elements of Mother be the Judge. It is an excellent read.


Determined – the True Story of Big Blue Walkinghood, novel for young readers written by Luman C. Slade and illustrated by Anita Harmon, 2013, ISBN: 9781482562422, 184 pages.  Author’s web page

As a senior citizen I fondly remember when my sister and I sat on either side of my mother as she read to us (these were days before we had a television set). We learned to love books through the magic of nursery rhymes and fables. Although written for juveniles, Luman Slade has written a novel any age can easily enjoy… parents and grandparents will find enjoyment by reading to their children and grandchildren. I believe older children will become engrossed as they read the whimsical plot revolving around the magical place of Storyland.

The Wicked Witch of the East has cast a spell turning Big Blue Walkinghood’s and her cousin, Little Red Ridinghood’s, grandfather into a frog. Big Blue’s parents exchange the title for their house with the flimflam man, the Wizard of Oz, for a secret formula to remove the curse of the frog. They must travel to a far off dangerous land in search of the formula’s ingredients. With her parents presumed lost, Big Blue along with Little Red must travel through Storyland and Dark Forest trying to take matters into their own hands to save both grandpa and Big Blue’s parents. They encounter the Big Bad Wolf, the Seven Gnomes and the Wicked Witch.

This novel is humorous, has suspense and is excellent for helping children to expand their vocabulary. One unique quality is the use of footnotes. Throughout the book, unique actual and made-up words are footnoted providing humorous definitions for the words.

As an adult, I definitely enjoyed the read, and I could envision children attentive and laughing while listening to or reading this novel.



Come on Home Children, a dystopian thriller novel by Victoria Randall,  2014, approximately 64,000 words, ANSI: BOOLKM2KYQ on Kindle,

Out of the creative imagination of the mind of Victoria Randall we look thirty years into the future. Technology has advanced to include hover cars, sensory music and small pocket-size gadgets that quickly expand into laptop computers. Invention has enhanced lifestyle…. That is, if you’re a legal citizen. Because of years of unwed mothers placing a strain on society, the No Unwanted Children Act has become law. A license is required to have a child, and children born without a license are placed in Retention Children Centers. If not adopted prior to their seventeenth birthday, they are conscripted to work in factories as non-citizens.

Come on Home Children follows a girl, Willa, who escapes from a Children Center and struggles to make a life for herself, as an illegal, and for her young daughter. Catastrophe strikes when her daughter is seized by the state and placed into the Children Center and is scheduled for adoption. With help from a young man who has affection for Willa, the two connive formulating a complicated and ingenious plan to rescue Willa’s daughter. The path to success is blocked by numerous unanticipated obstacles. The journey through the pages of this novel is fast paced, well written and very believable. I enjoyed the read; I only put the manuscript aside long enough to catch a sandwich and grab many cups of coffee. Come on Home Children is a page turner.



THE STAIN (Crisis in Conscience), an inspirational historical novel by Ed DeVos, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-61244-138-2, Halo Publishing International, 311 pages.

The Stain is a powerful novel told through the point of view of the Roman Centurion who is charged with the crucifixion of Jesus. Paralleling events depicted in the New Testament, the Holy Land comes to life as Ed DeVos places the reader into believable and well researched settings. The main character, a man of strong principles dedicated to his duty as a soldier of the Roman Empire, struggles with events and miracles he experiences attributed to Jesus. His duty forces him to serve and follow orders from Herod and Pilate leading to questioning of his own convictions. The story is well developed with excellent dialog and descriptive settings and actions. This is a novel that is well worth the read.



THE GUPPY AND THE SHARK, a romance novel by J, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-4759-8545-0, iUniverse, 463 pages.

Although I believe most novels need to include a love story (it is part of life), I have never been enthusiastic of Romance Genre until reading The Guppy and the Shark.  This novel has an excellent plot built around three significant characters: a widow, a widower and the daughter of the widow.  Two elements of writing style are used quite successfully differing from most novels.  The point of view of the widow is told in first person while the point of view of other characters is written in third person…. And about eighty to ninety percent of the novel’s text is dialog.  The author is very successful moving the story forward with dialog.

Successful novels have heroines and antagonists.  The characters in The Guppy and the Shark are both as their interactions and actions both comfort and frustrate the other characters and their emotions.  I highly recommend The Guppy and the Shark for an enjoyable read.



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